Ceramics 1 Projects

*Projects: two whistles, various bowls, vases, mugs, ect.

#1 bowl
#2 basic ocarina
#3 vase
#4 dolphin ocarina
#5 mug

*Artist Statements:

---1. My bowl is my favorite item that I made. It was a lot easier than anything else that I made. My bowl is my favorite because it didn't require puting in much effort.

---2. My ocarina is basically inspired by my nephew because he is a huge Zelda fan. He has what seems like a lot of them. Next time i see him, I'm gonna give him this ocarina.

---3. The vase is one of my favorite colors. It took me quite a while to make this because it seemed very difficult. My dad thought that it showed who I am because of the picture indentations that were put on it.

---4. I made a dolphin ocarina inspired by my great friend Dee. She loves sea animals/creatures. She goes to South Carolina all the time to see the dolphins. When I get to go with her she will recieve this ocarina.

---5. This mug was my first creation. It wasn't flowing well with me. I had very many difficulties with this because it was my first time making something. In the end it turned out alright.